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Willow Grove Residents Love McCormick Family Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of McCormick Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Scot and Dr. Rosemary

A Pleasure

It was a pleasure to be seen in the office today. I am confident that I will be helped and on the road to feeling much better! Thanks for such a great first chiropractic visit!
-Sandy F.

Very Excited

I am very excited about starting to receive treatment from here! No other chiropractic place that I have been to compares to this. The whole staff including the doctor’s were hands on and they really listened beneath the words! This speaks volumes to me and I believe that I will get all the help that I need to be better and start my new road to wellness chiropractic recovery!
-Deborah H.

Friendly and Welcoming

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was a very warm and inviting atmosphere where you could tell the staff truly cared for their patients and had an interest in their well being. I noticed that they also addressed everyone who entered the office by name.
-Lynette K.

Highly Recommend

Rose D3

Rose D.

I would highly recommend McCormick Chiropractic! The free initial assessment got me there, but the quality and experience of their office has kept me there. I forgot how crucial what they do is to everyone’s health no matter what age. Thanks Scot and Rosemary!
-Rose D.


Dear Dr. Scot and Dr. Rosemary,

I want to take the time to thank you both for helping me through my recent illness by showing me how to get better the “natural” way.

Dr. Rosemary, I can’t even begin to fathom how you figured out just what I needed to take by that resistance test you gave me. All I know is it worked, and that is plenty good enough for me!
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Dr. Scot, I have learned from you how important it is to get adjusted regularly, but I continue to be amazed at how adjusting me, especially my sinuses, brings such relief! However, it works every time, and again that is more than good enough for me!

Thank God He put those healing qualities in my body and gave you the wisdom to help me to know what to do to tap into them by guiding me step by step to better health naturally.

I admit it was a new journey for me, and even though I complied, I did have a hard time staying in and resting, plus sometimes I just didn’t know which thing to do or take next. But, you were right there to answer my questions and guide me along. I gratefully took your direction, and now I am so thrilled to know I didn’t have to resort to antibiotics and drugs with nasty side effects.

Believe me, your concern, care and support on my behalf are greatly appreciated.

God bless you both as you continue to serve others.

With a grateful heart,

-Judy F.

Commitment to Healing

My journey to better health has always included complementary medicine including chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and a whole foods diet. But, what makes McCormick Family Chiropractic stand out from other chiropractors I’ve used in the past is their genuine commitment to healing the patient, to making their lives more productive, fruitful and happier.
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It was at McCormick Family Chiropractic that I finally learned exercises to strengthen my lower back/core muscles, how to improve my posture (even though I’ve asked all of the other chiropractors about my posture!) and what to do about my lack of neck curve/headaches.

This practice is hands-down HEADS ABOVE THE REST!

-Maribeth B.

Chiropractic is Great for Kids

I began treatment due to pain in my right arm from a pinched nerve and herniated disc in my lower back, which causes leg pain and numbness in my foot. The arm pain could last for weeks, the leg pain for months at a time when there was a flare up. My husband come for the pains attributed to daily wear and tear. After two weeks, the pain in my arm was gone and I did not need to take an medications,
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At the encouragement of the staff, I brought my children and they began care. My oldest son suffers with migraines, which have decreased in frequency now that he is getting adjusted. My youngest son has microcephaly, which is now only minimal – just shy of normal. During his last checkup his brain made a dramatic increase in growth just within the last 8 months since his last visit.

After reviewing the health assessment and taking the recommended cleanse program and supplements, my allergies are now under control.

We as a family have all seen improvements in our health and our lives since beginning chiropractic care less than one year ago.

-Denise B.

Less Pain and Fewer Headaches!

I initially came here due to severe pain in my neck, shoulders and low back. The pain was extreme at times and would last for hours. I would take Celebrex and Vioxx and suffer with the after effects of these drugs. My desired result of chiropractic care was less pain and headaches.
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I had seen a chiropractor prior to coming here; therefore I had no doubts that it would help me. The initial adjustment made me sore, but I wanted help with my pain. This office has a different way of helping people then I’ve seen before. Dr. Scot helps me with advise on different way to adjust and help my body to heal itself.

My neck has improved and I experience fewer headaches since beginning care with Dr. Scot. I have recommended family members to seek care than they have seen decrease in their pain levels as well. I have told at least 15 –20 people who are sick or in pain to see Dr. McCormick – he is great!

I feel that chiropractic is better than seeing an MD!!

-Henry H.

A Happier, Healthier Me

I initially began chiropractic care with symptoms of pain in my lower back, left leg, neck and shoulder. I had suffered for about 10 years with pain that ranged from discomfort to chronic. The diagnosis was of a bulging lumbar disc.
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Prior to coming here I had visited several doctors with very poor results. I was taking Advil daily and was overweight. I had my doubts about chiropractic as nothing else had worked, so I wasn’t sure this would either.

With my primary being concern about my weight and general health; and my objective being able to lose weight and sleep well, I decided to give chiropractic a try. My first impression of the office in general was that it appears clean and organized with a friendly staff. Dr. Scot was knowledgeable, upbeat and very pleasant.

After my examination, Dr. Scot recommended chiropractic adjustments along with daily stretching and neck extension exercises. I am pleased to say with I am seeing good results with just 15 minutes of exercising daily.

I now understand that chiropractic care provides the body and brain the opportunity to function better, keeping you healthier. I have talked to about 10 of my co-workers recommending that anyone who is sick or in pain should get adjusted and do daily stretching and exercises.

I feel that chiropractic is crucial for my lifestyle – I feel better now then I did 10 years ago!!

-David H.

No More Pain!

I initially began chiropractic care with symptoms of severe sciatica from my right hip through my right foot. I had suffered for 18 weeks with extreme pain resulting in an average of 2 hours of sleep a night.

Prior to coming here I experienced very poor results. I was taking painkillers daily. A friend begged me to try chiropractic as I was considering surgery. I came very close to having surgery to fuse L4-L5 in 1996 as treatment for L4-L5 lateral herniation. I had my doubts about chiropractic, I was unsure that adjustments would help me heal.
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My primary objective was to be able to move pain free. I decided to give chiropractic a chance rather than risk major surgery. I feel McCormick Family Chiropractic offers a great office demeanor, staffed with knowledgeable, courteous educators! Dr. Scot is thorough, efficient and caring with his patients.

Dr. Scot has recommended that I continue my healing through regular chiropractic adjustments. I have not had back pain since 1997 and can play in golf tournaments with no pain.

I now understand that chiropractic care prevents the deterioration of my spinal cord and keeps my condition from worsening. My wife and two daughters now see Dr. Scot for headaches, back and neck ailments. We have all seen definite improvements. I tell everyone I see to give chiropractic a chance before pills or surgery. Chiropractic has literally “saved my life.”

-John D.

Feeling the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

I initially began chiropractic care with symptoms of headaches and back pain. I had suffered almost all the time with pain that varied in intensity depending upon my activities. The initial diagnosis was of scoliosis.
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Prior to coming here I had tried another chiropractor, therefore did not have doubts that it could help my present conditions.

With my primary concern being back pain and headaches; and my objective being to be pain free, I decided to try chiropractic care with Dr. Scot. I was greatly impressed with the office when I first arrived and found Dr. Scot interesting.

After my examination, Dr. Scot recommended chiropractic adjustments and suggested that I allow his team to help me. Since beginning treatment, I suffer with headaches less often and the intensity of my back pain has decreased.

I now understand that just because the symptoms are not there, does not mean you are cured. I now have my husband and children under care as well. They all have less discomfort since beginning chiropractic. I recommend people open their minds and let chiropractic in. I am very impressed and feeling the benefits of my care.

-Laura P.

No More Medications

I first thought I would give chiropractic a try due to the positive feeling I got from the booth at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo. I had suffered with severe and chronic headaches for years with light sensitivity. I was taking Tylenol, Advil and Fioricest, often at 2 – 3 times the normal dosage to get relief from the pain.
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I had my doubts; I didn’t think it was real medicine. I didn’t know that it was connected to my headaches. At first, I just didn’t think it would help. The office was friendly and Dr. Scot was earnest and caring. He recommended 1 year of care. By the end of that first year of care I no longer have migraine level headaches weekly. I haven’t needed to take Fiercest in over a month now. I feel healthier overall.

My wife is under care for chronic back problems and her back has not “gone out” in over a year now. I’ve told at least 10 other people they need to try chiropractic. I believe that it is an invaluable tool to improve and maintain health.

-Rob M.

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